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DabneylandWho is this Dabney person:

I’m a wife, speaker, and professional patient. However, my most important role is managing The Hedegard Academy (est. 2003) where I instruct four gifted children. Writing, speaking, jogging (more like a fast walk with a hop),  and chasing kids are my passions.

What I Blog About:

Basically, God speaks, I blog.

Writing journey:

I currently write for Calvary Fort Lauderdale’s DailyDevo. I’ve written for the Good News newspaper in South Florida, and Charisma Magazine, however, two years ago I finished a five year on-again, off-again project I never dreamed would be published the traditional route: When God Intervenes (Tyndale House Publishers, July 1, 2013).


How to Contact me:

Click here.

Why Dabneyland:

Well, can anyone pronounce my last name: Hedegard?

Didn’t think so.

It’s bad enough my first name gets twisted to Danby, Darcy, Daffy, Babney—so, in an effort to save fellow followers the headache of guessing how to spell both my first and last name, Dabneyland was created. That, and I love all things Disney. A fun play on words seemed like a good idea for a blog.

Ask me again in 10 years.

(Psst. If you’re itching to know how to pronounce my last name, check out 41 Random Things About Me.)


Buy The Book


Do you know someone battling an illness or in need of encouragement? When God Intervenes is a fast-paced inspirational memoir reviewers agree you “Can’t put down!”

About the Book:

I could tell you that at age 25 the doctor discovered a football-sized tumor in my chest.

I could also tell you my greater fear of uncertainty grew in my belly, inches below my mass: a six week old baby.

But what you need to know, what you really need to focus on is that life sometimes isn’t in the living. It’s in the surviving. That’s where our eyes readjust to the truths surrounding our circumstances.

10 years and four near-death experiences later, I figured out that life isn’t so much about me. It’s about what He wants to do through me.

This story is about an ordinary girl in search of hope.

With Over 100 Five-Star Reviews, This is What Amazon Customers are Saying:

“I Couldn’t Put it Down!” ~ JU

“i started reading When God Intervenes at around 7 pm and i finished the book at 2:00 am!! i literally couldn’t put it down, even though i was suffering with a migraine.” ~Kim

“If you don’t believe in God or are struggling with your faith right now, I dare you to read this book. I promise it will change you. I have never been so touched by a book as I have this one, and I finished it praising God and with tears in my eyes.” ~Lizzie

“When I received Dabney’s book I sat down and started reading. I never left the couch until I finished the 279th page.” ~ Ragan

“I NEVER thought I’d be able to relate to a 90 lb female cancer patient/warrior but you had me in tears by chapter 2. Laughing in 3 and by Chapter 13 I kept reading right on through my nap time. I finished it by that evening and realized I even shed a tear in the “Acknowledment” section! How’d you do that??? Hey Hedge-a-gard get out of my head so I can get some sleep!” ~ Jim S.

“When a family member or friend is going through a trial and you don’t know what to say to them, just give them a copy of this book – I know they’ll thank you after reading it. I’ve been ordering books from Amazon for many years, but this is the first review I’ve written and I couldn’t wait to write it!” ~ Bill. S.

“She is a remarkable writer. She doesn’t just “tell” her story, she “shows” you her experience so well that you feel you were sitting next to her on every step of her journey.” ~S.  Beckman

“Dabney’s story is incredible. God has gifted her with a great sense of humor sprinkled throughout which keeps you from becoming overwhelmed at the monumental tragedies she and her family have survived.” ~ K. Lague

“I still have fresh, tear-stained cheeks. It is a raw, beautiful testament to the faithfulness of God and the fulfillment of His outrageous, often whispered, promises to us. I laughed. I cried. I cried some more.” ~ Lyndsey

Chapter 1 excerpt


Head ShotDabney Hedegard

At twenty-five-years-old, a football-sized-tumor entangled vital organs in Dabney’s chest, alerting doctors to the cancer attacking her body. But the greater fear stealing their focus grew inches below the mass: a six-week-old baby. The disease and the decision to keep her child initiated a battle with nine life-threatening illnesses, four of which were near-death experiences.

T.ROLLO 024Lying on a gurney during her last emergency room visit, Dabney remembered a vow she had made with God about writing a book to document His miraculous interventions.

Nothing ignited her inspiration like a ticking clock.

Four years later, Tyndale House Publishers picked up

her memoir When God Intervenes.


Now Dabney speaks at churches, MOPS groups, women’s conferences and crisis pregnancy centers throughout Florida, sharing the miracles God allowed in her life.

No stranger to the stage, Dabney graduated Cum Laude from Palm Beach Atlantic University with a BA in Theatre, and spent many years actively involved in Wellington and Palm Beach Advanced Toastmasters.

In addition to speaking, Dabney is a contributing writer for the Good News Newspaper in South Florida. She is represented by Books & Such Literary Agency.

Dabney has been featured on In the Market with Janet Parshall, Chris Fabry Live, and the Missy Ohe Show, to name a few.

Married to her husband Jason for 19 years, Dabney enjoys schooling her four children.







T.ROLLO 023Contact Information:

To discuss specific speaking engagements, check availability, or to contact me for other reasons, fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch.

Or, fill out her Speaker Request form and email her assistant directly, click this link: Speaker Request Form 2014_Dabney Hedegard

***Please note that Dabney’s schedule is currently booked through April 2015.***

Speaking Fees:

Dabney’s fee range is based on the length of the presentation, number of topics covered, and time requested at the event. Whether presenting at a conference or as a keynote speaker, her fees are based off of a ranging honorarium.

B7529_1_WhenGodIntervenes-2What Amazon reviewers are saying about the book:

 “Couldn’t put this book down. You can see Gods heart in a clear and mighty way thru the painfully honest story that Dabney shares so transparently. After being-and still on- our own journey this was a fresh reminder of the tender sovereignty of the LORD.” ~Suji

“Wow. This truly is a can’t-put-it-down book! The first page sucked me in, turning pages as quickly as possible to

see what happened next.” ~Cheryl

“I’m not a good reader, I don’t read much because it takes too much

time. I picked this book up at 9:00 pm and couldn’t stop until I finished at 3;45 am!” ~Nancy

“What a rollercoaster ride Dabney!!!! You had me laughing and crying through the whole book. First book I’ve read in 20 years.

God is own your side!!!!!” ~Tom

Photo credits: Tom Rollo of Grace Photography



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"I will not die but live, and proclaim what the Lord has done. Psalm 118:17"

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