Those Who’ve Read The Book Will Appreciate These {And, Happy 19th, Babe!}

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Yesterday I stumbled upon this while cleaning out my office: bullentin

Can you guess what it is?

If you’ve read When God Intervenes, you’ll remember I mentioned the coloring/activity pages the elderly man gave me at church. Can you believe we kept this gem of a book after all these years? A smile crossed my face as I remembered how far my husband and I have come.

You see, today is my 19th wedding anniversary (Woohoo!), so I thought I’d share some special moments I mentioned in the book along our journey.

Like the Gazebo where Jason proposed on Palm Beach, and the crazy lady tried to have us arrested: gazebo


And the vintage shop ticket from my itty-bitty wedding dress:

wedding dress stub

My Experiencing God devotional where’d I’d written my prayer out that I needed Jason to give me a certain flower before he could ask me to marry him:

flower entry

engagement photo

{The night Jason proposed: black velvet dress we purchased at Stephan’s Vintage Shop, and the white and yellow flowers.}


One of my best Friend’s, Stephanie, who kept Jason and I in line and snapped the above photo.

Two pressed yellow flowers (here’s where I’m being super vulnerable as I’m sharing a peek inside an old journal…please, please, please look past my awful penmanship and simplistic message. This note only proves that God can equip anyone to do anything that He wants them to do. Can I get an Amen?):

journal flower


first christmas

Our first Christmas

mas. ball

Our first dance before we married.

first dance

Our senior dance, a year into marriage. This photo says it all. God is good and can redeem any situation!

first anniversary dinner

Our first wedding anniversary. We had zero budget to go out. The pink sticky note Jason added a few years ago as a reminder to me that God has brought us so far! {GLORY!} And, take a good look at that scratchy couch. Yes, ma’am. This is the very couch we knelt and prayed together in front of when I was first diagnosed.

black floral dress

This photo was taken about a month before I was diagnosed. I was so weak I had to rest while my husband and in-laws walked around the Miami Zoo. Notice the black floral baby-doll dress and Doc Martins? This was the same outfit I wore when the usher handed me the bulletin I mentioned above. No wonder he thought I was 12!)



back of house

Our first house, with that nash-ty pond and mosquitoes! {yuck}

front of house

Front view of our first house.

3 months pregnant

Three months pregnant with Madison, and recently diagnosed with cancer.

gi Jane

GI Jane haircut. Jason did a good job. 😉 {Notice the black bag on my side? That’s my 24-hour chemo pump hidden inside}

maddie's first birthday

Madison’s first birthday {right before we found out the cancer had returned}.



One of my hospitalizations, I think right after my first Moffitt Treatment when my counts dropped so low. {Not my 5-year wedding anniversary hospital visit I reference in the book, where we stayed in the fancy room. I don’t have a picture of that 🙁 }

yellow hair

Vacay in the Keys, where Jason still loved me, even with yellow hair? Yikes.

mom pants

My grey house painted a cheery yellow. See, paint really can spruce anything up.


One of Jason’s first photos he took of us, using his camera’s timer. I plan on recreating this one on our 50th wedding anniversary.

I hope you enjoyed a little glimpse into our journey.

And, Babe, I knew you were the one for me the day you swiped my hand while we studied at your apartment picnic table.

Here’s to many more years of growing gloriously old together.

I love you forever. xoxo

husband and wife

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