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Which Cover Would You Choose?

Posted by on Dec 31, 2012 in Most Popular Posts, Publishing/Cut Chapters, Read Her Blog | 55 comments

Which Cover Would You Choose?

Tyndale House Publishers designed amazing covers for this project. I’m curious, if the choice were up to you, which would you choose?


Never Make It 1








NeverMakeIt 5


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  1. wordslingergal

    Something about the second one, greenish blue cover, catches my eye immediately. I love it! Great job, Dabney.

  2. Gabrielle Meyer

    I like A and E!


    Dabney, you look so radiant. I would definitely choose “When God Intervenes”. One would never guess that you ever had a sick day. You are such an inspiration, my gosh you are a writer also. Have a happy, healthy new year. I would be the first to read any of your books. I think I would like the one titled, “one more day” or something to that effect which you wrote a few years ago. How time flies. How do you do it all. Because you are Dabney.

  4. Anonymous

    B, D, or E. And I lean really toward B.

  5. Barbara Kulp

    I like both b and e too !

  6. aboutproximity

    B and E, but they are all wonderful! I’m very excited to read your story.

  7. Darlene

    I like B and E also!

  8. nancyaskew1

    I love E! You’re gorgeous smile would catch anyone’s attention and the title would captivate their curiosity to need to know your story. Praying for you!!!! ( B would be my next choice..although it seems a little frightening). Hugs!

  9. Anonymous

    hey Dabney, Brittany is still here so I got her opinion too. She had a lot of great “reasons” for her choice. #A Said it really caught her eye and would make her pick it up. #B. second choice. #C (C was my favorite) but her least, she said it looked like it was home made and not professional enough. #D she said was pretty but it looked like every other Christian book on the shelf and wouldn’t draw her eye. #E is really beautiful but wasn’t either of our first choice. I guess for me seeing the photos of a person in the hospital just makes me want to know why and more. Maybe I am just too nosy. LOL These are difficult decisions that every author makes and none of us readers rarely value. So many of the “details” are so important.

  10. Anonymous

    Looks like I may be the only one picking C but here’s why. People are drawn to images like the ones on your cover. It provokes thinking. Is that you with the family? Is that you laying the bed? It makes them wonder and want to pick up the book to see. I know your story. I think that by using “When God Intervenes” (which I personally love) you may alienate people when what you REALLY want to do is draw them in to your story. Does this make sense? By using “Will She Make it Through The Night” will cover more audience. GOOD LUCK beautiful girl!

    • Dedra Ludwig

      I agree with C as well for the same reasons. I love the pictures you included b/c to be able to see the real life person of the story you’re investing in is so moving. I also love the phrase defying death once…defying death 9 times is miraculous … It pulls the reader in so powerfully. Wonderful job Dabney!

  11. Sandy Gamble

    I like A or E…seems like most comments are for E. You are so pretty it catches your eye. Everyone has good points. I’m sure whatever you pick it will be wonderful:)

  12. Anonymous

    I love them all, but D and E stand out to me. Can’t wait to read it!!!!

  13. Kim Casteel

    i know i already told you i liked ‘when God intervenes’ because it gives the glory to Him.:) and although i agree that it does look like every other cover of a Christian book maybe combine it with your last one cuz you look so amazing and it shows how beautifully the Lord intervened? or maybe even another totally different cover. ‘C’ kinda looks like a book written in the 80’s… 🙂 just my 2 cents… i’m sooo excited for you!!!

  14. Colleen

    I like A and E. 🙂

  15. Anonymous

    “B” for BEST. The yellow lettering really pops against that green background. It will catch the shopper’s eye as they browse the bookstore shelf or Amazon. Also, the blurred, emergency scene says, “there’s a story here that involves something medical, but what is it? Was it a car wreck, illness, shooting, shark attack, etc?” The “B” cover is eye catching and creates curiosity and intrigue.

    Cons for the others: “A” has similar idea as “B” but not as eye catching.
    “C” looks a little dated or self-published.

    “D” might be a great poster for your public speaking engagements. Then add the book cover you choose as an inset somewhere on the poster to show that you’re a published author.

    Very happy for you! Press on!

  16. Anonymous

    This is very cool, what a testimony to HIM!!! I like “A” and “E” best

  17. Meredith Miller

    Hi, hon. I love a, b and c. Especially a & b. I love the titleage and the rushing doc photo. Disclaimer: I have someone in mind to give this to…who thinks I’m wasting my intellect on Christianity. Your undeniable experience may be the tool God uses to validate my faith.

    • dabneyland

      My eyes watered reading this, Meredith. Because that has been my biggest prayer throughout this whole process. Bringing God all glory and proving that He is still in the business of performing modern-day miracles.
      Love you, sweet friend. Big hugs.

  18. David Clarke

    I like A and C (because it tells a story in pictures.) Cathy likes D, as that is really the theme of the story, but we both agree that a direct religious theme in the title may limit your prospective audience. I’m a little confused about the number Four in D verses Nine in the others.

    Best wishes whichever one you choose. I think it’ll do well!


  19. Cynthia Herron

    My choice: A or B. There’s something heart-pounding about the fast-moving stretcher on the front cover that makes me want to read more!

    Can’t wait to read your story, Dabney, and would love for you to guest post when you do your blog hop!

    ~Blessings, Cindy

    • dabneyland

      Thanks, Cynthia. I’d love to learn what a *blog hop* is? Please share your insight when you get a chance.

      • Cynthia Herron

        A “blog hop” is often done when authors’ books are set to release. These guest posts can include everything from a Q & A to snippets about your book. Think of it as a “coming out” party; it’s a great way for folks to learn more about you, your book, and what’s ahead. It creates some buzz about your fabulous story! (And in your case…everyone loves a miracle!) 🙂

  20. Anonymous

    I like D and E. The one with your picture (E) captures my attention right off the bat. I am thinking who is that lovely woman and then I would read the rest. A and B are too dramatic and I’ve seen similar pictures. Doesn’t make me want to read any further. Good luck sweet girl. Your book will be great. Can’t wait to read it. By the way, which cover do you like?

    Love you!

  21. paula inman

    The one above is from your Aunt Paula! Forgot to put in my email address.

  22. Sonya Milu

    “E” !!!!! Can’t explain it, but something happened inside my heart when I saw that picture. Maybe it’s because I know you personally 🙂 It “pops”, your picture is beautiful, the contrasting colors are pleasing to the eye. There is a nice blend of you and the medical images…. I would maybe turn the medical bracelet at a different angle so you can see what it is… I had to enlarge the pic to see what it was… I am so excited for you!! Can’t wait to buy the book! What an honor to know you! 🙂

  23. kim freeman

    O love seeing the photos of you (especially on E) but I like D for the cover…great title and description…very hopeful with the blue and clouds….

  24. Caryn Gross-Devincenti

    Although I LOVE the picture of you on the cover, I prefer: WHEN GOD INTERVENES. It looks like an inspirational message and it looks like a book I’d see on the B&N shelves. Besides, “She’ll Never Make It Through The Night” has a negative air. I prefer a “keep it positive” message.


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