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Silly Prayers

Posted by on Oct 12, 2012 in Publishing/Cut Chapters, Read Her Blog | 8 comments

dabney laughingCacophony popped into my head the other day.

Yeah. I didn’t know what the word meant either, and I certainly didn’t know how to spell it. Turns out it means “A harsh, discordant mixture of sounds.”

I laughed.

How perfect is that. I was writing a chapter where I felt something was missing, and this obscure word appeared out of nowhere and fit the description perfectly.

It’s moments like that when I realize God listens to prayers.

Silly prayers.

The ones I throw His way, like, “Please help me find the perfect word,” or “my phone,” or “write this book because most people who know me, know my big secret. Dabney’s a poser.”

Yep. I just confessed.

I practically flunked grammar and writing in college until my professors made me enroll in English lab courses with all the other foreign exchange students, only, I wasn’t a foreigner.

I know, right? Humiliating. (Except for the foreign accents swirling around the room. ;))

I love that about God—that He picks the least likely candidates to fulfill His purpose, like using a non-writer, math-lover to pen a 55K+ word book.

Really, God? Can I write in bullet points, because that would be much easier?



Here’s a little fun fact I read today that explains God’s sense of humor. “The Lord often chooses unlikely people to carry out His plan because He looks at the heart, not human qualifications (1 Samuel 16:7).” ~In Touch July 2012

Yea. Hope for the simple people, or at least, simple prayers.

Anyone else out there have a cacophony moment where God answered a silly prayer?  Or, maybe you felt called to fulfill God’s plan, but fears of inadequacy filled your mind? I’d love to hear your God-story, especially the “unlikely candidate” kind.

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  1. lyndseycornelley

    He uses our “silly” answered prayers are to grow some serious faith though! I loved this post 🙂

    • lyndseycornell

      Whoops – I should have asked Him to fix my grammar mistakes in my comment! 🙂

    • dabneyland


      Te-he-he. 🙂 I’m sure you caught many of my grammatical mistakes. I always love hearing from you, friend. And, I’ll never forget the weekend you and Smitty and Audrey whisked me away for some much-needed girl time. Actually, in this photo, I think Smitty was trying NOT to laugh, and I couldn’t keep it together.

      So, yes. God does grow our faith even through silly prayers. Your friendship during that time was an answer to many nights of desperate prayer, though. He used you more than you’ll ever know.



  2. TheWordpressGhost

    I am glad God grows my faith.

    Because if it was up to me, I would be in deep kimchi …..



    Hi Dabney, Let’s give it up to “silly prayers ” . Dabney is the greatest.


    nothing you say is irrelevant, you always have it right.


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