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I have title envy reading the words Kisses from Katie.

There. I said it.

The words roll off my tongue making my mind want to read further. And therein lies the problem. I’m in the process of writing a not-so-fun book proposal for an upcoming Writing for the Soul conference in February. This handy-dandy packet either opens or closes the door to my publishing dream.

The only problem: I don’t have a title.

That’s when I humbly admit my need for help. I so desire for my brain cells to unite or for God to shower down words from above or for friends who really love me to suggest the perfect catchy bulletin board phrase that jumps out and says, “Read me!”


Ok, that was pathetic. You can razz me later, but for now, will you please vote on a book title? Or better yet, suggest a fun phrase yourself?

My brain cells thank you.

Suggested Titles:

  • She’ll Never Make it Through the Night: The nine lives of Dabney
  • Dabneyland: Where miracles are for real
  • Dabneyland: A story of hope for the professional patient
  • Dabneyland: Home of the professional patient
  • The Professional Patient: One woman’s miraculous redemption from nine life-threatening illnesses
  • The Professional Patient: Surviving nine lives and counting
  • Defying Death: One woman survives nine life-threatening illnesses

So what do you think? Sound too Christianese? Be honest. Frankness earns points in my book. (Well, not this book, but in my mental book–which can be sketchy at times–but nonetheless, fun to be a part of. What a minute. Now that I think about it. Yeah. The winner receives points, credit, acknowledgment in this book. Another reason to help.)

Even if your words sting, I’m begging for honesty here.

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