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Life Is Not Fair

Posted by on Nov 29, 2011 in Read Her Blog | 6 comments

Life is a funny thing. Or maybe not so funny. Today is a day I never want to forget. My favorite oncologist, Dr. McGarry, started chemo this morning. This is difficult for many reasons. First, we were both diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease at a young age (he was 17, I was 25). Second, his re-occurrence of a different cancer shows no one is exempt from this disease. He ate healthy, ran, and seemed in the best shape of his life. That doesn’t seem fair. He’s a good person, loves God. Then...

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The Great Omission

Posted by on Nov 4, 2011 in Previously Published Articles | 6 comments

At the age of nine, I vividly recall mom’s dependency on welfare. She sold our couches, fans and lamps to the landlord in lieu of rent when times were extra lean. Eventually, after one lamp offer too many, the landlord declined, suggesting instead Mom attend his church in exchange for one month of free rent. This sacrificial gesture changed the course of our lives forever. It didn’t take long to realize aliens had abducted Mom … at least that’s what my young mind imagined when her...

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