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Confused. Waking from a lengthy nap slugs up the afternoon and makes my thoughts all garbled. So why do I think a few winks will result in a more refreshed evening?

Oreos. I ate too many to confess—yet the chocolaty goodness plumped with creamy hydrogenated filling gets me every time. Somehow I hear from my pantry, “Dabney. Oh, Dabney. Just one crunchy cookie won’t hurt.”

So I eat one.

Then two more.

Then, well—let’s just say drowsiness follows. I find myself bedside, sinking deeper into my memory foam topper, fluffing my comfy white sheets about me. This doesn’t help.

It’s 5:51. I’m still tired. I could blame it on the five hours worth of major dental reconstruction performed two days ago. Shaving teeth and removing previous dental work left my gums puffy with a needle-punctured feel. Each time my lips slide over the top of my gums, I wince. So napping should naturally fall into play considering my body’s innate desire to heal. Right?

Still, I blame the Oreos.

It’s 6:08. I’m no longer confused. Just concerned. Four kids could surround me at any moment demanding sustenance. You think Oreos would suffice? Maybe even have the same drowsy effect? Hmmm. This could make for an interesting experiment.

See. My chocolate friends have some redeeming value.

(Disclaimer: I’m somewhat of a health freak with minimal indulgences. My children will eat a balanced meal tonight. Do not send the paddywagon. Thank you)

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